In this video i demonstrate a fast and effective method for removing pet hair from your autos carpet. See more Detailing tips at Nu-Sheen
In this video I demonstrate how to remove paint overspray from Chrome Wheels. Use double  or triple ott ( 00 - 000 ) steel wool, to safely remove the overspray.  this method will also help remove water spots from the Chrome.This method is good also to remove overspray from auto Glass.  NEVER use steel wool on plastic or a painted surface. Sorry for the Barking Dog in the Video background Audio.  For more Detail Tips go to and check out Meltdown Bug Remover for Cars, it works really fast.
In this video I demonstrate how to use a clay bar to prepare the paint surface, before the final polish is applied. The purpose of the clay bar is to remove things like paint overspray, plant pollen, air born ferris metal, and other contaminates that may rest on the paint surface. In this case I lightly buffed the car to remove any lite scratches and then applied paint sealant. See more Detail tips on my Blog @

After playing around and experimenting with Meltdown Bug Remover for other possible uses, I have discovered it cleans white walls , and raised letters on tires. This video demonstrates that. You can spray Meltdown  directly on white wall and wipe, it works well. I sprayed then scrubbed with a  SOS pad and rinsed in the video.
In this Detail Tip Video, I demonstrate one quick method for cleaning door panels. This method can also be used to clean seats,dash,steering wheel, carpets, and so on. I use this particular method ,especially on filthy interiors, to save time and get the results required to professionally complete the job. I hope this information is helpful. Go to for more Detailing Tips and check out MELTDOWN Bug Remover for cars.
In this video I demonstrate cleaning filthy floormats from a BMW. In many cases I will use this method to clean the dirt and spills from car mats, its the fastest and most effective way to clean the embeded dirt and soap. If you don't have a pressure washer you can do this at a self service car wash. Check out my other Detailing Tips Videos at
Hard Water spots are very damaging to your cars paint, when left to dry. When Hard Water hits the paint surface of your car, that water bead is then hit by the sun which acts as a mini magnifying glass, and as that water bead drys the calcium, alkali, and minerals in that water bead ETCHES into your cars paint system. If you have paint protection such as a sealant, wax, or polish this will help to minimize damage, but its best to dry the hard water as quickly as possible. Always keep your vehicle polished for maximum protection from water, bugs, bird droppings, and pollution in the air that settles on your car. See more Detailing Tips on my Blog  @  Nu-Sheen   and....KEEP EM CLEAN!
This is a picture of  the  STI Subaru after I completed the Detail. 16 man hrs to remove Hard Water spots. See above Video.

From what I have researched , both dish soaps and car wash products use the same surfactant(cleaning agent) . SLES (Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate), Dodecylbenzene sulphonic acid (neutralised with Sodium Hydroxide, Triethanolamine or Isopropanolamine). Concentrations will very. Dish soaps and car wash products will use different dyes and fragrances, some silicone emulsions or waxes for increased shine, mabye optical brighteners.The actual surfactants that do the cleaning will be the same,and they all use SALT TO BUMP UP THE VISCOSITY (thicken the product). Theres no such thing as a 'harsh' surfactant or a 'soft' one. " Harsh detergent" is marketing BS. No detergent is going to dissolve your acrylic clear coat. What causes more damage than anything is UV Degradation. Best advice I can give you is to use a product formulated for the specific task.
Hi I'm Chandler Professional Auto Detailer , providing Detailing tips for car owners who wish to wash,clean, and maintain the appearance of their car. After washing and drying your vehicle open one door at a time ,and fully wipe the door jamb area. This would include all around the inside of door and door hinge areas. Maby two to three times a year, spray cleaner in door hinge areas and scrub with a long brissel brush, then rinse with water using a hose or pressure washer,then dry. In my Detail Business I always wipe down the door and trunk jambs, weather its a wash or full Detail. Take notice next time you open your car door or a friends car door, look at the door jamb areas and you will see most of the time,people over look this area when cleaning their cars. For more Detailing Tips go to my Blog @ Nu-Sheen-

The headliner is often missed or not thought of when cleaning your car.Over time the headliner will accumulate dirt, dust, and hand smudges. In some older cars the headliner may actually start to disintegrate, you will notice it around the outside edges first. Be extra careful when cleaning these areas as you can tear thin areas further.When cleaning headliners in my detail business, I will take a terry cloth towel and dip it in a bucket of mild soap and water solution, wring it out , not to much, then fold it and wipe down the headliner cloth. I will do this in small sections at a time, dipping the towel and wring it out to keep the area I am working just damp enough to remove the dirt. Some grease or splatter marks may require extra scrubbing, and sometimes I will spray cleaner( as shown in my scuff mark cleaning blog ) on my towel in a concentrated area, then scrub mark on headliner. As always, I've created these Detailing Blog tips to help people that may not know, different ways to clean and maintain the appearance of their car. Hope they are helpful, go to Nu-Sheen- for more tips and information