Over many years I have heard existing clients and new clients tell me Auto Dealers try to sell them a Paint Protection Program for OUTRAGEOUS amounts of money. I had one client in Las Vegas, where I started my business in the early 80's , where the Dealer sold him a paint seal for his new, black ,SL500 Mercedes for 750.00 dollars. When he called me to get his car on a wash schedule, I showed up to wash his car and saw white polish in the cracks. Thats when he told me about purchasing the paint sealant program and I reemed his ass. I showed him the wax left in the crack areas and then showed him my bottle of white Polymer Paint Sealant and said I would have Polished your car for 90.00, and would remove any polish that might have got into any cracks. Needless to say he was'nt pleased about getting ripped off. Two things are deal breakers for me, don't lie and don't try to rip me off. These Auto Dealers also tell people that they never have to wax their car, thats bull shit. Paint is pourus and requires polish from time to time to protect it from repeted washes ,hot sun, and pollutants. Polymer Paint Sealant will protect the paint longer than waxes, for up to a year in many cases, but for max protection I suggest applying sealant twice a year. If this information is helpfull to you, then please visit my Blog for more helpful Detailing tips. @ Nu- Sheen -Blog.com

As a full time Auto Detailer, its important to me to use products and techniques, that not only enhance the Detail job i am performing, but to cut down on time and labor. As the old saying goes time is money. Detailing day in and day out is hard work. Meltdown Bug Remover works so fast, safely, and effortlessly , that i will never have to try another product again . I see out there videos showing guys using bug sponges, bug scrubbers, clay bars , dryer sheets, baking soda, ect., all of which i would never use on a clients car,EVER. I am responsible for for that vehicle and can not afford to scratch or harm the paint surface, and i Guarantee you that the above mentioned methods over time will harm the paint surface. Meltdown Bug Softener, breaks down the carcass quickly and effortlessly...Try It and see for yourself, and watch my Video Demos at Nu-Sheen Blog.com                   I am creating these Blogs, only to help teach people Detailing Tips for cleaning and maintaining your vehicles appearance. I am happy to pass on my many years of  experience of trial and error in this field. See slide show of some of the cars I Detail, at Nu-Sheen.com...... and visit my Blog for Auto Detailing Tips at Nu-Sheen- Blog.com
I hear from people that get their cars cleaned at car washes,are unhappy with the black spots down the sides of their car. These black spots are caused by the car wash employees spraying tire dressing on tires and not properly finishing the job. All they really need to do is wipe the tires down with a towel to remove excess tire dressing. There are alot of sticky,greasy,tire products you can buy at the auto store. Some say to spray on tire and walla... shiny black tires, but the fact is , that crap will fling all over your car when you drive away. Not only do you have shiny sticky tires , you have to remove it off your rims which is smeary and a pain in the -----. If you insist on using these products , at least take a damp towel and remove excess product. When I finish washing a clients car and its time to dress tires , I use a water based dressing. I take a cellulose sponge, wet it wring it out completely, then spray the dressing on the sponge, and wipe complete tire. I can control how much dressing  I want, to achieve the amount of desired shine . Any excess dressing around letters or grooves, I will just pat dry with a towel. You can purchase a pak of cellulose sponges at any grocery store in the cleaning section. There is one exception to using this method, and that is big knobby off road tires. In this case I will spray all the outside areas of the knobs, then take a leaf blower and blow the excess dressing off, and then dress the rest of the tire with the sponge. I hope these tips are helpful and for more Auto Detailing Tips go to my blog at Nu-Sheen Blog.com
In my Detail Business I strive to give my customers the best service and choose the best products when Detailing their Cars. That why I always use a Paint Sealant for the final application. Some cars may need clay barring, some may require a one to two stage buff, but the last thing I will always apply is Paint Sealant. Waxes are not effective, as most are either parafin based, melting at 130 degrees,or carnuba melting at 150 to 160 degrees. Waxes quickly evaporate from the paint surface. The Polymer Paint Sealant system utilizes cross linking polymers. Polymers do not penetrate into the paint system, rather it bonds and seals the pores of the painted surface and disallows fading, loss of gloss, or chalking, while allowing the paint to breathe. Polymer Paint Sealant provides greater depth and trueness of color, and provides resistance to extreme temperatures or repeated car washes.

Waxes do not go through poloymerazation:
     1. They crystalize.
     2. They give a surface coating.
     3. A soap and water solution washes them away.

                                                       MELTING  POINT COMPARISONS

                                        Parafin Based
Wax                                    130 Degrees
                                        Carnuba Based Wax                                  140 to 160 Degrees
                                        Synthetic Based Wax                                  200 Plus Degrees

                                        Cross-Linked Polymers                              390 to450 Degrees

You can find Polymer Paint Sealants on line,they cost a little more than the standard waxes and polishes, but are well worth the price. In this demo video I
demonstrate how to apply  Polymer Paint Sealant to your Cars Paint.

I hope this information on this Blog Post was helpful , go to my blog for more Auto Detailing tips at Nu-Sheen-Blog.com

Nothing looks worst to me than a clean Car,Truck ,or SUV ,with dirty Wheels Wheels. In my Detail Business I always include Dressing out the Wheel Wells,weather it's  a wash or a full Detail. Unsightly,Dirty , Wheel Wells take away from a clean,shiny vechicle, so if your into cleaning your own Car ,Truck ,or SUV , make it a habit to periodically Dress-Black out your Wheel Wells. A clear (solvent - petroleum based ) product works best, such as Black Magic. You can find these clear tire dressings at your local automotive parts store. They tend to stick or adhere to the plastic and painted medal parts of the Wheel Well and cover the area more evenly.  I have made a Demo video to show  this method.  Go to Nu-Sheen-Blog.Com to see more Auto Detailing Tips, and check out Meltdown Bug Remover.
Black scuff marks from shoes can be easily removed with a safe cleaner and a magic eraser. In my detail business I use simple green fresh scent cleaner for wheels,interiors,carpet,wheel wells,tires and engines. Its not caustic and works very well. I buy it by the gal at home depot, its blue in color. Twenty years or so ago, I would buy from  my detail supplier, carpet  shampoo, vinyl cleaner, leather cleaner,engine degreaser. All of these products cost alot of money ,so through the years experimenting to cut costs but not sacrifice quality, i found fresh scent by simple green to work  great.I Always water it down. I will pour about a cup of cleaner in a quart pump sprayer and fill with water. Thats a good dilution ratio. Now back to scuff marks,take a magic eraser fully wet it and wring it out. Spray cleaner on eraser and scrub mark away, follow wiping area with a terry cloth towel. This method also works well on arm rests,door panels, and leather or vinyl seats. To get more Auto Detailing tips go to my Detailing Blog at Nu-Sheen- Blog.com. Also check out Meltdown Bug Remover
Cars that sit in the hot sun will have the interior heat up dramatically. Plastic parts in the interior have whats called plasticisers added to keep them from cracking. In a hot interior, the plastic releases a vapor known as plasticiser vapor. This vapor creates a film on the inside of glass windows. To keep this to a minimum, periodically wipe down all interior dash, doors, etc. with a mild soap and water solution. Dip your micro-fiber towel, or other clean rag, in solution....wring out and wipe down. See my article on creating a simple and cheap glass cleaner to learn the best way to get rid of this film on inside of front windshield. To get more Auto Detailing tips go to my Blog at Nu-Sheen-Blog.com . Also check out Meltdown Bug Remover.

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Bugs on your car contain acid which will etch into your car's paint system if not removed in a reasonable amount of time. Meltdown bug softener and dissolver is one quick and safe method, and reduces scratching paint due to hard scrubbing. Spray Meltdown on a soft cloth and be amazed how easily and quickly bugs are removed. The other method would be to spray Meltdown on  the affected area, let stand for 2 minuntes, then wipe and rinse when washing your car. Apply Meltdown, as in all auto-cleaning products, on a cool surface. Take Meltdown on a road trip and periodically remove Bugs to prevent etching. Meltdown works great on RV'S. If RV is oxidized, area sprayed may lighten if it sits on surface too long. This means lightened area is actually clean. Dirt gets embedded in the paint or gelcoat. All that happened is Meltdown cleaned the embedded dirt. Meltdown can be purchased here.  

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Use a new spray bottle. Purchase" Ethyl Alcohol" from a drug store, not Isopropyl Alcohol! Pour about 1-2 Tbls of alcohol in sprayer, then fill bottle with distilled water. This formula is safe for tinted windows.  Contrast this with products that contain ammonia which are not safe for tinted windows! Always use a clean, lint-free cloth, such as a micro-soft towel. Always wash window towels separate from other towels. Fold micro-fiber towel in half then in half again. Spray window and wipe entire section, then turn over towel and re-wipe. This removes any left over residue on the surface. Repeat this process for each window, always using 1st side of cloth to clean and the 2nd clean dry side of cloth to polish. As the towel gets dirty, unfold towel to the other clean sides and repeat process.  This Window Cleaner is an excellent way to remove the plasticiser vapor on inside of front windshield... as explained in this blog article.  Also check out Meltdown Bug Remover .

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