In my Detail Business I strive to give my customers the best service and choose the best products when Detailing their Cars. That why I always use a Paint Sealant for the final application. Some cars may need clay barring, some may require a one to two stage buff, but the last thing I will always apply is Paint Sealant. Waxes are not effective, as most are either parafin based, melting at 130 degrees,or carnuba melting at 150 to 160 degrees. Waxes quickly evaporate from the paint surface. The Polymer Paint Sealant system utilizes cross linking polymers. Polymers do not penetrate into the paint system, rather it bonds and seals the pores of the painted surface and disallows fading, loss of gloss, or chalking, while allowing the paint to breathe. Polymer Paint Sealant provides greater depth and trueness of color, and provides resistance to extreme temperatures or repeated car washes.

Waxes do not go through poloymerazation:
     1. They crystalize.
     2. They give a surface coating.
     3. A soap and water solution washes them away.

                                                       MELTING  POINT COMPARISONS

                                        Parafin Based
Wax                                    130 Degrees
                                        Carnuba Based Wax                                  140 to 160 Degrees
                                        Synthetic Based Wax                                  200 Plus Degrees

                                        Cross-Linked Polymers                              390 to450 Degrees

You can find Polymer Paint Sealants on line,they cost a little more than the standard waxes and polishes, but are well worth the price. In this demo video I
demonstrate how to apply  Polymer Paint Sealant to your Cars Paint.

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Waxes and paint sealants (collectively called "car waxes") are protective coatings applied to the paint. Waxes can be made from a natural wax, usually Brazilian carnauba, or synthetically made using polymers or acrylic resins. Regardless of how they are made, waxes and paint sealants are both designed to protect our car's paint from oxidation and harmful elements that land on our car.

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