Bugs on your car contain acid which will etch into your car's paint system if not removed in a reasonable amount of time. Meltdown bug softener and dissolver is one quick and safe method, and reduces scratching paint due to hard scrubbing. Spray Meltdown on a soft cloth and be amazed how easily and quickly bugs are removed. The other method would be to spray Meltdown on  the affected area, let stand for 2 minuntes, then wipe and rinse when washing your car. Apply Meltdown, as in all auto-cleaning products, on a cool surface. Take Meltdown on a road trip and periodically remove Bugs to prevent etching. Meltdown works great on RV'S. If RV is oxidized, area sprayed may lighten if it sits on surface too long. This means lightened area is actually clean. Dirt gets embedded in the paint or gelcoat. All that happened is Meltdown cleaned the embedded dirt. Meltdown can be purchased here.  

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