The headliner is often missed or not thought of when cleaning your car.Over time the headliner will accumulate dirt, dust, and hand smudges. In some older cars the headliner may actually start to disintegrate, you will notice it around the outside edges first. Be extra careful when cleaning these areas as you can tear thin areas further.When cleaning headliners in my detail business, I will take a terry cloth towel and dip it in a bucket of mild soap and water solution, wring it out , not to much, then fold it and wipe down the headliner cloth. I will do this in small sections at a time, dipping the towel and wring it out to keep the area I am working just damp enough to remove the dirt. Some grease or splatter marks may require extra scrubbing, and sometimes I will spray cleaner( as shown in my scuff mark cleaning blog ) on my towel in a concentrated area, then scrub mark on headliner. As always, I've created these Detailing Blog tips to help people that may not know, different ways to clean and maintain the appearance of their car. Hope they are helpful, go to Nu-Sheen- for more tips and information
Cars that sit in the hot sun will have the interior heat up dramatically. Plastic parts in the interior have whats called plasticisers added to keep them from cracking. In a hot interior, the plastic releases a vapor known as plasticiser vapor. This vapor creates a film on the inside of glass windows. To keep this to a minimum, periodically wipe down all interior dash, doors, etc. with a mild soap and water solution. Dip your micro-fiber towel, or other clean rag, in solution....wring out and wipe down. See my article on creating a simple and cheap glass cleaner to learn the best way to get rid of this film on inside of front windshield. To get more Auto Detailing tips go to my Blog at . Also check out Meltdown Bug Remover.

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