Hard Water spots are very damaging to your cars paint, when left to dry. When Hard Water hits the paint surface of your car, that water bead is then hit by the sun which acts as a mini magnifying glass, and as that water bead drys the calcium, alkali, and minerals in that water bead ETCHES into your cars paint system. If you have paint protection such as a sealant, wax, or polish this will help to minimize damage, but its best to dry the hard water as quickly as possible. Always keep your vehicle polished for maximum protection from water, bugs, bird droppings, and pollution in the air that settles on your car. See more Detailing Tips on my Blog  @  Nu-Sheen Blog.com   and....KEEP EM CLEAN!
This is a picture of  the  STI Subaru after I completed the Detail. 16 man hrs to remove Hard Water spots. See above Video.

Cars that sit in the hot sun will have the interior heat up dramatically. Plastic parts in the interior have whats called plasticisers added to keep them from cracking. In a hot interior, the plastic releases a vapor known as plasticiser vapor. This vapor creates a film on the inside of glass windows. To keep this to a minimum, periodically wipe down all interior dash, doors, etc. with a mild soap and water solution. Dip your micro-fiber towel, or other clean rag, in solution....wring out and wipe down. See my article on creating a simple and cheap glass cleaner to learn the best way to get rid of this film on inside of front windshield. To get more Auto Detailing tips go to my Blog at Nu-Sheen-Blog.com . Also check out Meltdown Bug Remover.

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Use a new spray bottle. Purchase" Ethyl Alcohol" from a drug store, not Isopropyl Alcohol! Pour about 1-2 Tbls of alcohol in sprayer, then fill bottle with distilled water. This formula is safe for tinted windows.  Contrast this with products that contain ammonia which are not safe for tinted windows! Always use a clean, lint-free cloth, such as a micro-soft towel. Always wash window towels separate from other towels. Fold micro-fiber towel in half then in half again. Spray window and wipe entire section, then turn over towel and re-wipe. This removes any left over residue on the surface. Repeat this process for each window, always using 1st side of cloth to clean and the 2nd clean dry side of cloth to polish. As the towel gets dirty, unfold towel to the other clean sides and repeat process.  This Window Cleaner is an excellent way to remove the plasticiser vapor on inside of front windshield... as explained in this blog article.  Also check out Meltdown Bug Remover .

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