I hear from people that get their cars cleaned at car washes,are unhappy with the black spots down the sides of their car. These black spots are caused by the car wash employees spraying tire dressing on tires and not properly finishing the job. All they really need to do is wipe the tires down with a towel to remove excess tire dressing. There are alot of sticky,greasy,tire products you can buy at the auto store. Some say to spray on tire and walla... shiny black tires, but the fact is , that crap will fling all over your car when you drive away. Not only do you have shiny sticky tires , you have to remove it off your rims which is smeary and a pain in the -----. If you insist on using these products , at least take a damp towel and remove excess product. When I finish washing a clients car and its time to dress tires , I use a water based dressing. I take a cellulose sponge, wet it wring it out completely, then spray the dressing on the sponge, and wipe complete tire. I can control how much dressing  I want, to achieve the amount of desired shine . Any excess dressing around letters or grooves, I will just pat dry with a towel. You can purchase a pak of cellulose sponges at any grocery store in the cleaning section. There is one exception to using this method, and that is big knobby off road tires. In this case I will spray all the outside areas of the knobs, then take a leaf blower and blow the excess dressing off, and then dress the rest of the tire with the sponge. I hope these tips are helpful and for more Auto Detailing Tips go to my blog at Nu-Sheen Blog.com