Hi I'm Chandler Professional Auto Detailer , providing Detailing tips for car owners who wish to wash,clean, and maintain the appearance of their car. After washing and drying your vehicle open one door at a time ,and fully wipe the door jamb area. This would include all around the inside of door and door hinge areas. Maby two to three times a year, spray cleaner in door hinge areas and scrub with a long brissel brush, then rinse with water using a hose or pressure washer,then dry. In my Detail Business I always wipe down the door and trunk jambs, weather its a wash or full Detail. Take notice next time you open your car door or a friends car door, look at the door jamb areas and you will see most of the time,people over look this area when cleaning their cars. For more Detailing Tips go to my Blog @ Nu-Sheen- Blog.com