The headliner is often missed or not thought of when cleaning your car.Over time the headliner will accumulate dirt, dust, and hand smudges. In some older cars the headliner may actually start to disintegrate, you will notice it around the outside edges first. Be extra careful when cleaning these areas as you can tear thin areas further.When cleaning headliners in my detail business, I will take a terry cloth towel and dip it in a bucket of mild soap and water solution, wring it out , not to much, then fold it and wipe down the headliner cloth. I will do this in small sections at a time, dipping the towel and wring it out to keep the area I am working just damp enough to remove the dirt. Some grease or splatter marks may require extra scrubbing, and sometimes I will spray cleaner( as shown in my scuff mark cleaning blog ) on my towel in a concentrated area, then scrub mark on headliner. As always, I've created these Detailing Blog tips to help people that may not know, different ways to clean and maintain the appearance of their car. Hope they are helpful, go to Nu-Sheen- for more tips and information
Over many years I have heard existing clients and new clients tell me Auto Dealers try to sell them a Paint Protection Program for OUTRAGEOUS amounts of money. I had one client in Las Vegas, where I started my business in the early 80's , where the Dealer sold him a paint seal for his new, black ,SL500 Mercedes for 750.00 dollars. When he called me to get his car on a wash schedule, I showed up to wash his car and saw white polish in the cracks. Thats when he told me about purchasing the paint sealant program and I reemed his ass. I showed him the wax left in the crack areas and then showed him my bottle of white Polymer Paint Sealant and said I would have Polished your car for 90.00, and would remove any polish that might have got into any cracks. Needless to say he was'nt pleased about getting ripped off. Two things are deal breakers for me, don't lie and don't try to rip me off. These Auto Dealers also tell people that they never have to wax their car, thats bull shit. Paint is pourus and requires polish from time to time to protect it from repeted washes ,hot sun, and pollutants. Polymer Paint Sealant will protect the paint longer than waxes, for up to a year in many cases, but for max protection I suggest applying sealant twice a year. If this information is helpfull to you, then please visit my Blog for more helpful Detailing tips. @ Nu- Sheen

As a full time Auto Detailer, its important to me to use products and techniques, that not only enhance the Detail job i am performing, but to cut down on time and labor. As the old saying goes time is money. Detailing day in and day out is hard work. Meltdown Bug Remover works so fast, safely, and effortlessly , that i will never have to try another product again . I see out there videos showing guys using bug sponges, bug scrubbers, clay bars , dryer sheets, baking soda, ect., all of which i would never use on a clients car,EVER. I am responsible for for that vehicle and can not afford to scratch or harm the paint surface, and i Guarantee you that the above mentioned methods over time will harm the paint surface. Meltdown Bug Softener, breaks down the carcass quickly and effortlessly...Try It and see for yourself, and watch my Video Demos at Nu-Sheen                   I am creating these Blogs, only to help teach people Detailing Tips for cleaning and maintaining your vehicles appearance. I am happy to pass on my many years of  experience of trial and error in this field. See slide show of some of the cars I Detail, at and visit my Blog for Auto Detailing Tips at Nu-Sheen-